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Saturday, August 13, 2005

The week in review (August 7-12)

The activism story of the week: the building drama of Cindy Sheehan's vigil outside the Bush ranch in Texas, which has galvanized the anti-war movement and brought the issue into the mainstream, breaking into network news and major mainstream papers. This is one of the most perfect examples in my memory of what "one person can do" ... right up there with Rosa Parks ... and may well be the "turning point" . For those who have not followed this story every day, this week's LAND digest offers an overview of how this important action has unfolded over the past week. As of today, the President has yet to speak to Cindy ... and he is, indeed, in a "tough spot", as one news analyst says ... "For Bush, Sheehan's presence seems to create a no-win situation. If he invites her to talk, he further elevates her protest, potentially angers the other families of the more than 1,850 Americans who have died in Iraq and provides Sheehan a greater forum to spread her anti-war views. If he ignores her, he risks appearing so callous that he doesn't have the time, or the inclination, to spend a few minutes of his vacation with a mother who lost her son as a direct consequence of the president's foreign policy decisions." (Of course, the neo cons and hawks on 'other side' are foaming at the mouth and "Savaging Cindy" ... this is one hallmark of successful activism! Kudos to Cindy, an inspiration to us all.)

Also in the news ... other examples of the "power of one" ... David Parker of Lexington, Mass (Parental Rights vs public schools) and Jim Lesczynski of New York (Challenging political welfare).

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