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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Veterans Day 2003

From a reader ...
Mary Lou:
Thanks for another great article, this time for our victimized veterans, and the credit deserved by those who recognize the fraud of our "leaders", and say, "Hell no, I won't go".

A compatible article to yours on our veterans,( Veterans Day) and their plight is presented here in the Dove Report. I told you of this source on NESARA [National Economic Security and Reformation Act]earlier this year, hoping you would look into it, and help publicize, if you feel it has merit. I personally feel it may be our only chance to rid this country of the massive corruption in governments, from State to National. I always (well, almost always) like what you write, though
I don't always have time to write back. Blessings, Sui


Dan Weiner Memorial Shoot and Wake Nov.15

A memorial shoot and wake for our fallen comrade Dan Weiner ( Farewell to a Freedom Fighter) will be held
Saturday, November 15th, Shoot at 3PM

American Shooting Centers
16500 Westheimer Parkway
(281) 556-8199

SHOOT LOCATION: American Shooting Centers
16500 Westheimer Parkway

Driving Directions from Downtown Houston
Drive WEST on Westheimer.
Proceed 2 blocks past Hwy 6 to next traffic light.
Turn RIGHT onto Westheimer Parkway.
You will be entering George Bush Park.
Pass over the dam.
Continue 1.5 miles further.
American Shooting Centers is on the RIGHT.

WAKE LOCATION: 7826 Marinette Drive

From American Shooters Range, take Bellaire Blvd. east to Highway 59 south. Turn right on the 59 south frontage road. Go down to Fondren, which is the next intersection and turn left. Continue down Fondren to the stop light at Sharpview, go through the stop light and turn left at the next intersection, which is Sharpcrest. Go down 1/2 block to Marinette Drive and turn right. Follow the pink balloons to 7826 Marinette Drive.

If you get lost, our telephone number is 713-272-8265.

Please come to both the shoot and the wake. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES will be provided; however, there will be soft drinks and water as well as barbeque. If you want to drink, please bring your own -- and be prepared to surrender your car keys and spend the night if you get drunk. Marti and I WILL NOT allow a friend of ours -- OR Dan's -- to get drunk and drive.

Harlan Bennett

Farewell, Dan.


From "aerial "

The last moments, they were painless. Dan Conan Weiner, 53 lost his brief but valiant fight with cancer Wednesday, October 29th, 2003. Dan's mom, Ruhama, and Dan's two sisters preceded him in death, also of cancer. His father, Albert, 89, of Albuquerque, NM survives Dan.
Dan Weiner was active in several community organizations. He was on the Board of Directors for Q-patrol for 7 years, and was co-founder and first president of Pinkpistols, Houston chapter. Dan was very active within the Libertarian party, both locally and nationally. Dan edited the Libertarian magazine, "Libertarian Enterprise," and was involved in the Free State Project.

Dan was born January 7th, 1950 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He left his family to volunteer for US Army service in 1968. He served with distinction with tours of duty in Germany and Vietnam. Dan was honorably discharged in 1973.

When his family decided to move to New Mexico in 1983, Dan got as far as Texas and decided he liked it here.

Per Dan's wishes, the Houston chapter of Pinkpistols will hold a memorial shoot in his honor, Saturday, November 15th at American Shooting Centers, 16,500 Westheimer Parkway at 3PM. A memorial service in honor of Dan's life and memory will be held immediately following the shoot at the home of his caregivers in Southwest Houston starting at 6PM.

The Miller Funeral Home cremated Dan's remains. His ashes will be interred in a private ceremony on the Bolivar Peninsula in November.

He will be missed.



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