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Monday, September 29, 2003

Update on Dan!

Dear Mary Lou:

I'm sorry to be so dilatory in keeping everyone updated. The last thing want is for everyone to be in the dark about Dan.

He has had several seizures in the past couple of weeks, and on Saturday,as we were returning from our house on the Bolivar Peninsula, he had a major seizure that required hospitalization. He was released that night after he was stabilized, but his blood sodium levels are very low, and we can't get them up at all. The only way that we COULD do that - get the blood sodium levels up and KEEP them up - is to further restrict his liquid intake to 1/2 a liter of liquid every day. Since that is NOT enough liquid to even keep him from severe dehydration, more limitations on his liquid intake are NOT
an option at this point. I have spoken with his oncologist today - I
just got off the phone with him, as a matter of fact - and we will be going in to see him tomorrow morning. His oncologist has the same opinion that I do: that, since there IS nothing that can be done to further limit his liquids without doing him even more harm, he does NOT recommend that we give him less liquid. He is still eating like a PIG, but dropping weight more every day, as the cancer burns him up from within.

On the PLUS side - and this is a VERY big plus - he's been MORE himself, MORE Dan, than he has been since he got sick. He still fades in and out, and he still is exhibiting Alzheimer's-like behaviours, but when he is WITH us, he's WITH us, and stays with us. He is starting to have some pain, so he is getting pain meds on a semi-daily basis; the wit, fire and passion are still there, and still come out sometimes.

We are going to Albuquerque in October, leaving on the 9th and will be
back in Houston on the 18th. This will be the last time that he goes anywhere; he is very weak, tires very easily, and is NOT sleeping at all during the night. Optimistic estimate of his lifespan is another 6 - 8 weeks.

Please remember him in your prayers. I know that you have been very busy with the Free State Project and other things as well as work and
recovering from that hurricane (I DO still watch the news!). Everything else is in the Lady's Hands - and She will not forget him.

Blessed be,



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